Yoga Teacher: Sue Byrne

Thinking out loud.

I am no longer available for things or people that make me feel like I am ……. LESS THAN………………………Are you?

I was once a people pleaser!! Am I still a people pleaser?

Yes, to a certain degree aren’t we all?

No one should try to please everyone all the time. It’s just not worth it.

Not only will you begin to live your life according to someone else’s standards, but you’ll deplete yourself of any sense of happiness or enthusiasm. (self-love is the best)

Do what makes you happy and what pleases you. As long as you’re doing the right things with a good heart, that’s all that matters.

I would, without doubt, say that I would now NOT allow people to use and abuse me as once was a habit of mine, no no no

But yes, unfortunately, I still do have an element of wanting EVERYONE to be happy.

I can’t help myself there. Coming from a pretty dysfunctional family, that is part of my makeup to try to have everyone friends and no more fighting!!

Wanting, of course, to get the pat on the head for being a GOOD GIRL was also my M O

Don’t rock the boat may have been my mantra for perhaps ¾ of my life.

But now I don’t feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders Yaaay for YOGA, meditation, great teachers, awesome students, and for me.

We are not responsible for the feelings of others (although we are responsible for them), and we cannot, nor do we, cause those feelings to emerge. Unless we do something intentionally hurtful to another person, the feelings that they experience are those that they have created for themselves” (true dat)

Many students have been into my classes and stayed and possibly just as many people have not stayed, we can’t please everyone, can we?

I know how awkward that maybe for some but that’s the life we move we grow we stay still we don’t grow …. if you don’t like where you are move YOU are not a tree.

My yoga practice started with a yip and a roar. Harder faster longer push push push

It was where I was at the time and of course, I was also about 18 years younger!!

Now, of course, my practice is more on the calming side, to be able to look after the mind, slow down, move the body with ease and grace and not what you may have seen in a class full of young students

Young what is young? It is human nature to want to recapture our youth whenever we can but one also must be aware of limitations of the body.

The old saying the mind is willing but the body is weak, is very real

Over the years I have had students come to me who are older and want to start a very strenuous practice.

Much to my better judgment, they move along, but yes within a short amount of time, shoulders have suffered, backs are weak and the knees also may be calling out for peace peace peace


Be very slow in growing up to retain a childlike curiosity and steady in creativity

Be very slow in growing up to retain a childlike heart and steady in caring others

Be very slow in losing your focus and steady in reaching your milestones

Be very slow in forgetting and steady in helping

Be very slow in hurting and steady in loving

So, is it worth it?

loving oneself is the most important thing in our life, don’t you agree?

To love yourself sets you up for a road to……………………… real love with others, your family, friends, community and the whole universe

Even the people we love to hate. Be love give love and receive love. It’s worth it in the end.

Balance is the key

If one day you feel like revving it up to a fast pace. Strong yoga practice, big walk or jog and then maybe the next day pfff take an easy day

But not being one or the other, again steady wins that race

That’s where I am trying to be myself and I am not for one minute saying everyone needs to be like me, I believe balance is a key to really enjoying our lives

Have you tried fasting? (mindfully of course)

Now and again I will do a fast it’s amazing how you can feel so much lighter just by taking 24 hours away from heavy foods. You ‘all know what I am saying again, balance

If you take nothing else away from what you have read perhaps just one-word LOVE


I love you